12 Summary

A summary of the proposals

The proposal will deliver sustainable development by contributing to the social, economic and environmental considerations of the District. The approach to sustainability will seek to:

  • Enhance the social value of the community through delivery of a range of new homes, including affordable housing, and improvement of community infrastructure such as connections to the town centre which responds to local needs

  • Promote a strong local economy by providing construction jobs and with new residents supporting the vitality of the town centre

  • Prioritise the protection of existing ecological and landscape features, including Ancient Woodland and important views through the site

  • Provision of enhancements to ensure net gain in biodiversity

  • Retain and improve green buffers to heritage assets

  • The apporach to sustainability seeks to respond to climate change, with the provision of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs), energy efficient construction methods, accessible walking and cycling routes as an alternative to the private car and potential for electrical vehicle charging points


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