09 Movement and access

How the site will be accessed for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians including wider improvements to the existing movement framework in Uckfield

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The diagram above illustrates the comprehensive movement strategy for the site and includes the following elements:

Walking & Cycling

Access to the site for pedestrians and cyclists will be achieved from Snatts Road and the A22, designed to integrate the site with the wider area and existing routes to local amenities and the town. This will include providing new connections and enhancing some parts of the existing local walking and cycling networks, such as:

  • Provision of a new strategic shared pedestrian/cycle route along the A22 and Belfarm Road to connect to the existing pedestrian/cycle route leading into the town and towards the railway station.

  • Creation of a new and enhanced sections of footway on Snatts Road to integrate existing pedestrian routes to the new pedestrian/cycle access points leading into the site.

  • Replacement of existing steps along route of public footpath between Downland Copse and Hunters Way.

Public Transport

A new community bus service is proposed to serve the development, providing connections to local employment, schools and the town, for example. The route and timetable will be informed by residents, in liaison with East Sussex County Council, to ensure that it is an attractive option that meets the needs of residents of the development. It is anticipated that the proposed community bus service will provide regular services to Uckfield railway station, with the timetable scheduled to coordinate with train services at the station to provide linked journeys for commuters.

Provision for Cars

Access to the site for all vehicles will be from a new roundabout junction with the A22. An emergency only access will also be provided off the A22, located to the north of the new roundabout. A shared/pedestrian cycle route will lead into the site on the southern side of the proposed access road. The proposed access arrangements will be designed in accordance with relevant guidance and the safety of the proposed design will be considered by a Road Safety Audit. The site benefits from direct vehicular access to the A22, meaning that it is ideally located to accommodate development that does not rely upon access through the town centre.

Parking will be provided in accordance with adopted local parking standards/guidance.


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